For our students –Let’s start your Student Journey now

Simply put we are group of International student who have complete our Student Journey and using sharing our experience with our potential students. We offer career advice, University and country options. All students would need a customised approach for their choice of course and career. We use our experience of more than 16 Years in the industry to deliver best outcomes for our students.

Every student journey is unique and by sharing our experiences we explore opportunities for you. Our student journey started 18 years ago as international student when group of friends embarked on a journey and since then there have been many changes.

For our Education partners

We are Market Entry and Business Development Specialist in International Student Recruitment domain. Our primary objective is to assist and facilitate seamless entry or accelerate the process if the institute is already active in the market, with a long term presence in mind.

"We work with selected clients who subscribe to our unique services and approach."

With years of experience and know-how about the business, we design and implement customized solutions for our partners. Our business model covers multiple aspects of international recruitment in a very efficient fashion which includes Market Analysis and Strategy, Branding & promotions, In country team and support, Agency Operations, Institutional Partnerships , Organizing Marketing trips; travel to meet with students and agents, personal follow-up with prospective students and agencies through our dedicated in country team.

19 Years Of Combined Experience

3 Presence In Number Of Continents

893 Number Of Happy Clients

40 Institutional Partnerships Formed

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